Top 5 Winter Beers

A beer lover's Winter bucket list

Is Winter beer even a thing?

Of course, you can drink any type of beer you like anytime you like, but the question is - when will it taste the best?

With the diverse array of high quality beers the High Country offers, why not explore them at their finest? With winter comes hearty foods - roast meat, root vegetables, tagines and tasty pastas, a perfect match for porters, stouts and brown ales.

Winter also lends itself to a greater flavour experience (if you fancy yourself a real beer nerd!) “Winter beers” are best served closer to room temperature, and will see your palette open up to discover greater depth of flavour and silky textures.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, ask yourself “is there ever a bad time for a beer?”

Start your Winter beer expedition with these top picks. Who knows where you’ll end up!

Porters, stouts and brown ales - oh my!

As the name suggests, this little gem is packed with the sweetness over 40kg of estate grown figs bring, carefully balancing its spicy hop characters and earthiness. Expect hints of chocolate and coffee on the nose.




For B2 veterans, the recognisable combination of complex dark malts, fruity Belgian yeast characters and big punchy hops remain. This year, however, the award winning brewers have introduced a (not so secret) ingredient - Corowa Whiskey.


This dark, warming brew draws on the old English tradition of brewing strong, roasty stouts for export to the Russian Imperial Court. Enjoy a rich blend of dark, roasted malts, sweet layers of chocolate, spicy vanilla, and strong hits of espresso. Released at the Darker Days Festival, as is tradition.

Big in every way - bitterness, darkness and booze content, this beer will warm you from the inside even in the snow (where it was born)! Expect characters such as chocolate, rum, roast and a little fruit.

In true stout style, this little beauty was crafted using a selection of Australian, British and German malts, local hops and pure Warby Range water. Deep black in colour with richly layered malt flavours and moderate hop characters, look for hints of mocha and raisins.

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