Indulge, dine and unwind togther

Guys, it’s time. Time to put your keys, your phone and your super stylish, impractical, blister buster shoes away! Grab your partner, your sunnies and your appetite and head to Rutherglen - your best day ever is about to happen!

This leg of Pedal to Produce will take you on a colourful journey peppered with award winning food, world class wine and a rich, tangible history. Weaving it all together are the master creators themselves and the many stories they have to tell.

The easy ride can be done in less than an hour and a half if you wish, though tasting and browsing with a view across vines old enough to be your great grandfather may hold you hostage longer than expected. Don’t stress - there’s luxury accommodation along the way for the most passionate peddlers!

So prepare to “be present”, “unplug”, “feel the grass under your feet” and all the other cliches, for this is the only way to truly experience Rutherglen’s unique bounty.

Whats on offer !


Rutherglen Wine Experience

“Begin at the beginning,” the King advised to the White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland). In this instance, the beginning to your Wonderland is the Rutherglen Wine Experience. Here, you can pick up a free map, speak with the friendly staff (locals themselves who know all the rabbit-holes along the way),...


Anderson Winery

If you have a weakness for sparkling, Anderson Winery is the diamond to your Marilyn! With around 70 years experience in the industry, the father and daughter team of Howard and Christobelle Anderson are traditional, deliberate perfectionists when it comes to making their stunning wines. Boasting eight grape varieties, their...


Jones Winery and Vineyard

Jones Winery and Vineyard have set the bar for other restaurants to literally “keep up with the Joneses” thanks to their most recent success. The French inspired restaurant has welcomed a rating in the Australia Good Food Guide 2019 and achieved a score just one point shy of a Hat!...


Rutherglen Wine Bottle

Coffs Harbour has the Big Banana, Horsham has the Giant Koala and Rutherglen has its Wine Bottle! One of the most iconic landmarks in Rutherglen, the Wine Bottle is worth a visit for the views alone, though many find the story behind the 1900-born structure just as noteworthy. Hint: she...


Rutherglen Gold Battery

One look at this old corrugated iron shed and you know she has a story to tell. Over 100 years old, the Rutherglen Gold Battery holds an array of fascinating artifacts from the gold rush, with informative storyboards and video demonstrations to bring the site to life. To gain access,...


The Wicked Virgin and Calico Town Wines

Rustic, authentic and scrumptious on every level, The Wicked Virgin and Calico Town Wines has something for every vice! Relax alfresco with wine made from hand picked grapes and pick at a platter featuring all things olive (straight from the Wicked Virgin orchard, of course). Partake in a seasonally sourced...


Chambers Rosewood Vineyards

History, prestige and variety, Chambers Rosewood Vineyards are globally notorious for greatness. Amidst an offering over 30 different wines, you will also find arguably the best fortified wines (muscat and muscadelle) in existence. Over 160 years and six generations of talented winemakers built this patch of Rutherglen, which still utilises...


Vidal Cellars

A few pumps of the pedal down the Murray Mountains Rail Trail and you’ll find yourselves at the captivating ruins of the Vidal Cellars. Erected in 1897 as a distillery, it distilled 78,000 gallons of wine into brandy, only to later enjoy the life of a bicycle saddle manufacturing plant.


Rutherglen Estates and Tuileries

A stark contrast from the more humble wineries, Tuileries is big, bold and contemporary, showcasing the very best Rutherglen wines through their cafe and restaurant. Also on site is the art gallery featuring a remarkable collection of Aboriginal art, plus luxury accommodation that will have you waking up to nothing...


Lake King

Your final pedal to produce destination is the idyllic Lake King. Rest your legs and take in the serenity from the luscious green shoreline, or explore just that little bit further and follow the 1.2 kilometre Arthur Mann Scenic Walk. This little oasis is the perfect place to recount the...


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