Maker's of the High Country

Get the inside scoop from those who know! What do the makers treat themselves to in the High Country?

Marc Scalzo

Wild rabbit chestnut fettucini - Ox and Hound
Giaconda Chardonnay
Bushwalking with the family at Mt Buffalo

Natasha Killeen

Lunch special - Chrismont
‘White Night’ cocktail - Pfeiffer's
Potato rosti stack - King River Café
Cycling around Lake Moodemere

Meghan Gehrig

Pumpkin and haloumi salad - Gamze
Reisling - Gehrigs
Lemon tart - King River Cafe
Cheese tasting at Milawa Cheese Factory

Matt Saunders

Tacos - Tomahawks Bright
Durif - Scion
Pistachio ice cream - Rinaldos
Waterskiing - Lake Buffalo

Jen Booth

Ravioli - Rinaldos Casa Cucina
Prosecco - Dal Zotto
Cheese platter - Milawa Cheese Factory
Exploration and discovery tour at Winton Wetlands

Christophe Niklas

Provenance - housemade silken tofu
Bridge Road Pale Ale
Milawa Gold cheese - Milawa Cheese
Pick your own berries - Beechworth Berries

Paul Koulis

Breakfast - Gamze Smokehouse
Dal Zotto Prosecco
Coconut ice cream - Gundowring
Myrhee Maze or Powers Lookout

Rowly Milhinch

Steak - Thousand Pound
Pilsner - Rutherglen Brewery
Venison pie - Parkers Pie
Fishing on the Murray

Connie Northey

Vegan breakfast - Rustik Cafe
Prosecco - Amulet Vineyard
Lemon Gelato - Rinaldos
Climbing Powers Lookout - King Valley

Julie Holm

Dumplings - Tomahawks Bright
Blowhard Pale Ale - Bright Brewery
Breakfast burrito - Rail Trail Cafe
Kayaking down the Ovens River

Claire Stock

Vegetarian Parmi - Happy Valley Hotel Ovens
Frou Frou soda - Cafe Fez
Shopping for eco products - The Village Trader

Adam Pizzini

Double smoked pork chop - Brown Brothers
Nero da Avola - Taminick Cellars
Caramel Popcorn from Pizzini wines

Ricky James

Jalapeno poppers - Maltshed
Sparkling Granny Smith and ginger cordial - Billsons
Croissants with butter and jam - Zest Camping at Pretty Valley

Vinney Webb

Pasta lunch special - Ox and Hound
Chardonnay - Barmuutha Wines
Taste Trekkers hampers
Electric bike along the rail trail

Lisa Logan

Tumeric/ cauliflower/ beetroot hummous/sauerkraut - Templar Lodge
Beechworth Cider
Liquid gold smoothie - B Store
Riding the Greenline Trail - Falls Creek

Michael Ryan

Kedgeree - Coffee Chakra
Aviaton with Remedy Gin - Reed & Co
Russian Imperial Stout or a vintage fortified port
Riding Murray to Mountains Rail Trail Beechworth

Melissa Jacka

Mannys Italian Doughnuts - Myrtleford Farmers Market
Wang Bitter - Maltshed Brewery
Silvercreek Sourdough Crumpets with Beechworth Honey
Skiing - Falls Creek

Jade Miles

Prawn pizza - Bridge Road Brewery
Shiraz - Valhalla Wines
Apple Cider Doughnuts - Black Barn Farm
Trails Tales and Tucker - Falls Creek

Fred Pizzini

Korean fried chicken - Empire Hotel
Chardonnay - Haldon Estates
Prosecco rocky road - Pizzini
Watching the sunset over the Beechworth Gorge

Christian Dal Zotto

Caveman breakki - Rustik Cafe
Kolsh - King River Brewing
Banana bread - Pollys Pocket
Walking around the lake in Benalla

Patrizia Simone

Loin of venison - Brown Brothers
Sangiovese - Chrismont
Fish and chips - The Ageing Frog Fish Bar
Foraging for mushrooms

Tracey Richards

Asparagus - Empire hotel
Sparkling rosé - James & Co
Coffee and a muffin - Cafe Derailleur
A cooking Class at the Big House - Taste Trekkers

Katherine Brown

Lemon Tart - King River Café
A Hurdle Creek Gin with Billson's Tonic Water
Kayak down the Ovens River with a fishing rod in hand
Balloon flight over the King Valley

Ben Kraus

Deep fried broccoli - Tomahawks
Sorrenberg Gamay
Seasonal fruit - Goldfields Green Grocer
Mountain biking - Beechworth Mountain bike park

Jodie Goldsworthy

Roast All Saints Estate Lamb - The Terrace Restaurant
Sparkling Apple Juice - Nightingales Bright
Honey nougat - Beechworth Honey
Exploring Woolshed Falls

Damian Cerini

Milawa Cheese - lunch platter
Pinot noir - Pennyweight
Chocolate pudding - Gapsted Winery
Cycling the rail trail

Sue Thornton

Lemon poppyseed roulade - Pickled Sisters
Petite Syrah - Baileys
Pick your own strawberries - Beechworth Berries
Tour through Beechworth Historic Precinct

David Ritchie

Big Breakky - Mansfield Produce Store
La Zona Marzemino - Chrismont
Chocolate Brownie - Produce Store
Fly Fishing - Delatite River

Lin Baird

Smoked Bresaola - 15 Will Steet
Reed & Co Saperavi - Billy Button
Cheese platter - Billy Button Cellar Door